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Today i found out i had been scammed for $1500.

half of what i had saved for tuition, fucking beautiful. RIGHT!?? well, bottom line is never get a job with people who you do see face to face! and dammit Dios Es Grande. i got my money back today and i am so relived and pissed..

uhm so the reason for the post is…never get a job(:

So this weekend i volunteered at a retreat, the YES retreat. i have been doing this for the last three years, this past weekend it was my 6th retreat and i was a co-coordinator so it was a totally different expirience. So at the end of the retreat,they allowed the parents to speak on the mic. so this dad comes to the mic, and he says he remembered me from the first time i lived my retreat and how i was “trouble” how i was a bad influence on everybody around me,and that he was trully surprised to see me there, now being a coordinator, one of the main ones,helping other find God, and so he made me cry. in fact he kinda embarrassed me…it was infront of every body…then he asked the youth to take me as an example soo they could turn their life around like mines..it was touching..but ii wasn’t that bad…(was ii?)

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my mental age is of 20…

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truth is, i needed closure… thankyou for giving it to me.

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i promise, im not falling for you again.

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i like how tumblr turns purple for the gay people that committed suicide, but not pink for breast cancer awareness month for all the people that didn’t have a choice between life and death.

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